about us

We are concerned youths, and we are not corrupt

Our concerned is to Unite Nigerian Youths, irrespective of their Tribe, Religion and Political Party Affiliation so as to in unity, Promote Good Governance at all levels of the Nigerian Society. We currently have structures in all the 36 states of the federation including FCT and also in the 774 local government areas.


We are committed to our goals and targets.


We are Disciplined set of people.

Our Core Principles

Join us today to redeem Nigeria from the bondage of Bad Governance and corruption.


Is to Unite Nigerian Youths, irrespective of their Tribe, Religion and Political Party Affiliation so as to in unity, Promote Good Governance at all levels of the Nigerian Society.


Is seeing a Nigeria where in no distant time, the Youths will begin to occupy positions of authority while our elders will resort to advisers as in the times of old.


Is to effectively engage our current leaders both at government and private levels to correct the impression that the youths are not ready for leadership. In doing these, we shall put forward our best brains. We shall encourage creativity amongst our youths academically and in other fields of endeavor. We will work to roll back the social decadence amongst out youths.


Even the smallest of donations can help change a life. Today is the day to reach out and lend.


We have great team member meet our National Executives

Isaiah Ekpenyong Isababa

National President

Asmau Abdulazeez Dikko

National Vice President

Abdullahi Suleiman Omale

National Secretary

Shehu Ibrahim Muhammad

National IT Officer



Our Membership is spread across every qouta of Nigeria



The leadership of the association cut across National, zonal, states and local government levels.



we have conquer lot of challenge since we come onboard.

I see youths that will stand up to change this country one day, I see youths that will give chance for both the poor and rich voices to be heard, I see youths that will kill discrimination and focus more on allowing the right people lead, not because of power, fame and connection. If the right people are allow to lead, whether rich or poor, the right thing will be done. We are in a country where you have to know the counsellor or the rector or some Senior staff before you can come out with good grades, it affect mostly the females, we are in a country where you have to be connected to get a good job, qualifications don't speak anymore, your level of intelligence don't count any more. I see youths that will change this and give room for equal rights.

Ewor Jennifer Precious


NYGG has given me an opportunity to meet new people, people with great ideas and progressive minds. With NYGG, I have come to realize a better Nigeria can only be achieved if youths solemnly come to together for the purpose of good governance. I see different people from different background and religion unitedly striving for the same struggle. God bless NYGG.

Abdulrasheed Suleiman


I'm so grateful for being a part of great minds and elite, im really encouraged, I have always wanted to influence this nation for the better, but alone it virtual impossible but as a group I think I'm confident that we will archieve great and remarkable thing, things history cannot ignore, NYGG as a platform for greatness is were leaders are born and I'm honored to be a part, I'll like to see a Nigeria where equal rights are seen not heard I'll like a Nigeria where people can leave confidently supporting the government not cursing, I'll like a Nigeria where everyone will want to come and leave and I know in NYGG we can archive that, thank you NYGG.

Jumbo william